Some Dresses

Women always want to feel feminine and beautiful, and the a dress is the obvious option for that. It’s the easier than wearing a skirt, where you don’t have to worry about matching it to the rest of your ensemble. Instead you just have to throw it on, and if you chose the right style for you, should turn heads and feel beautiful, whatever the occasion. So how do you find the right dress to make you look and feel like a Hollywood star?

Mind the length If you’re a shorter beauty, the length of your dress will be of the maximum importance. You would most likely want a shorter dress, preferably above the knee. You need to absolutely avoid anything that cuts your legs, like knee length or ankle long dresses. A maxi dress of a long dress in general might not be a good idea either, unless you’re ready to rock some heels to compensate. Remember, when you want to look taller, it’s all about elongating the legs.

Curvy women If you’re a curvy woman, the most flattering dress will be the one that flaunts your curves. If you have a nice chest, better accentuate that with a generous neckline, which will in the process avert attention from any unwanted curves you might want to hide. Accentuating you waist, as will give you some extra shape if you lack it, or show off the one you have already, is a must in almost any size. To flaunt that sexy waist you need to pick dresses that are cinched in that area, like the ones with belts, or maybe an A-line style, that will be slimmer in the top, accentuate the waist and then flare out to hide your larger parts. Another tip is to flaunt your thinner features, like your ankles and wrists, preferably with accessories.

The Lucky Ones If you’re of the lucky beauties that has a slimmer body, then you can afford to wear almost anything. You can flaunt your figure in a bodycon style that will show off your body, leaving little to the imagination, or you can go the opposite way and create volume with boxy dresses and ruffled details. A fuller or pleated skirt will also look amazing on you, and it will probably give you an innocent, younger look.

Hints of Sexy If you’re looking for a sexy dress where you can still remain classy, opt for lace and transparency details, that will most likely hint, without showing. Little cut outs in strategic places are also great for a tease. Avoid big cut outs or full lace dresses with no under layer, as those only work in very specific contexts, like catwalk shows. And remember, the trick to being sexy is little strategic hints that will leave them wondering.

The Sporty One And if you happen to be sporty, and think that dresses aren’t for you, you’re wrong. A shirt-dress or even a sweater dress paired with some leggings or tights will give you an instant feminine touch without much effort.

There’s a perfect dress for every woman, you just need to know what will work better with what you have.